MorrowMethod III – Full Power


A comprehensive approach to building the power lifts.



The most comprehensive full power strength program I offer. INCLUDED:

  • MorrowMethod Mobility
  • Strength-Specific Core Training Modules
  • Detailed Printable Workout Log
  • Fillable Excel Spreadsheet Log

This 12-week program is designed to add pounds to the trainee’s powerlifting total by increasing his or her one rep max on each of the three power lifts. This is accomplished through a variety of methods, to include linear periodization, speed training, overloading, and hypertrophy training, and others.

The program is comprised of three phases: Prepare, Build, and Peak. The Prepare phase is used to help the athlete accommodate the training frequency and volume used throughout the balance of the program. The Build phase is used to gradually expose lifters to heavier loads while continuing to develop muscular size and movement specific explosiveness. The Peak phase is used to taper volume and increase recovery time in anticipation of a testing day or powerlifting meet.

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